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Harry Anthony

Harry Marvin Anthony

“Helping others in need”

Honoring the proud tradition and legacy, of
Harry M. Anthony “ ACE”.


The spirit of his legacy is, his generosity spread to many generations, by helping others in need.


His ability to make friends with anyone he met, was his gift. He then nurtured the friendship with his laughter, jokes, words of wisdom, genuine concern, and sometimes “hard love”.   He provided encouragement and guidance where there was none.

He treated all children as his own… and was instrumental in cultivating young boys in his neighborhood into men, and even into their adulthood…

A family man, and always put his family first!

Caring for his fellow man was his trademark. 

His fellow human being’s race, age, creed, gender, or religion, did not matter…

He served them all, just as he proudly served his Country, with 22 years of active-duty service in the Army.  After his military retirement, he lived a long life filled with now memories of a life well lived, caring for and helping others.

We honor his legacy by pledging to do the same,

by helping others, our fellow human beings in need

Harry Anthony
Dad's Head Marker.jpg

Harry Marvin Anthony


Sept 21, 1929 - Dec 24, 2022

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