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Shall Follow Me

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Psalms 23:6

Surely Goodness and mercy shall FOLLOW ME all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever…

Shall. Follow. me.

Shall. Follow. me.

Shall. Follow. me.

“A Slight reminder”

If you are chasing after things… like your career, money, relationships, business, happiness etc… It’s understood that we all are busy with life in general. It’s just that we need not be consumed by it…

Allow me to remind you of the promise, and that is: Goodness and Mercy shall FOLLOW YOU… All the days of your life… No need to chase it.

You say, “When will that happen”: When we settle down… and learn how to abide, dwell and remain in the place that He has placed us… In His presence. It’s a process for God to get us where we need to be… And we’ve got to remain there were goodness and mercy will find us.

When you follow the lead of Jesus, our “Shepherd”, you will realize that He is trying to get you into position so that your blessings will follow you.

So if you settle down, into those pastures that He has placed you in, it will chase you…. it will bump right into you…and your blessings will overtake you…

AND THEN, All these things shall be added… Mt 6:33

Who: You

What: Goodness and Mercy

When: I settle down

Why: So that I and my seed will be blessed

Where: In His presence (dwell, abide and remain)

How: It shall Follow You

Pastor A

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